Ethics course: guiding ethics case reflection (ECR) rounds, part I

2019-10-01 - 2019-10-04

NOPHO-NOBOS Working Group on Ethics, in collaboration with WU University, invites you to the second edition of the course “guiding ethics case reflection rounds”. To the first course you were all invited to recommend participants from your center and we had participants from all centers in Sweden, and also participants from Finland, Denmark, Island and Norway. Since the first course there has been activity in the ethics teams at many of the centers and we ask you to discuss with your team how to best enforce what you have built up so far. The course is also open for participants who work with children with cancer outside centres, e.g. at a regional hospital.


The course is held close to Arlanda, Stockholm 1-4 Oct and 26-27 Mar.

Apply no later than 27 may. For more information, see the course invitation..


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